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A quick conversation about pants that have knee pads sewn in one location.

Apparently there is a question about work pants that have one knee pad sewn permanently in place. KneeGard has decided to discuss this. Kneegard's original patent was for a work pant with one knee pad in one chosen spot after researching a number of wearers. We went to a floorcovering trade show and offered our product free to the contestants. We quickly found out that each persons knee is quite simply in a different place on their leg regardless if they are the same height or not. So we changed! And now they work perfectly. 

What does KneeGard mean by made in the USA?

KneeGard is committed to make our products the best work clothes manufactured in the United States. It costs us a little extra to make our products here but we are proud to do it. Every KneeGard Product sold is directly helping employ someone and keep someone safe. 

By law when a product is labeled “Made in the USA,” the fabric and assembly of the garment must be constructed within the continental United States and KneeGard is one of the few companies that follow this standard. We are proud to say all KneeGard products are Made in the USA!

 How can I find the retailer nearest me that carries KneeGard garments?

Currently KneeGard products aren't sold in retail stores but we are planning to in the near future, so check back soon! If you want to see KneeGard in one of your local stores, tell us who you would like to carry them and we we'll contact them.  Simply provide a phone number and a contact person if you know one.

What if I can't find the specific garment, size or color I'm looking for? 

Stock on some products may be limited due to low demand. With that said if we are missing a size, color, or something that you want, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

How can I contact Kneegard?

We want to hear from you! Have a question comment or concern?… Want to tell us that we are doing a great job? To send us a message through our contact form or email us directly at bmartin@kneegard.com / bob@kneegard.com

 Can KneeGard make custom garments for my company?

 KneeGard is happy to customize products for specific companies as long as the orders meet production quotas. Contact Bob Warner bob@kneegard.com give us some details, and find out how much better off your company would be with KneeGard products.

 I want to return my purchase. How does the 30-Day KneeGard guarantee work?

KneeGard is committed to keep our customers happy! That is why we have a 30 day money back guarantee. You are free to return any unused product to us within 30 days. You are responsible for any return freight charges unless you are re-ordering the same product in a different size. You’re welcome to return any product a unused condition but you will pay the shipping fees if your not reordering.

 What is the best way to wash my Products?

All KneeGard products are prewashed and preshrunk, so this means they can be washed just like any other garment. If your still unsure check out the wash instructions that can be find on the tags of any of our products.

 What if I purchase something that doesn't fit?

We want all of our products to fit you just like we designed them to! This means that if something doesn't fit we will gladly take it back free of charge and exchange it for one that does. If we are unable to send something that fits, we will refund your entire purchase. Send the product to Kneegard WorkWear Attn:Bob Martin 3900 Corbin Ave Tarzana CA 91356 along with original packing list and a note on the size you want.


 How do I know which size to purchase?

KneeGard products were engineered to fit you just like your normal clothing. This means you should order sizes just like you would buy at a retail store. Remember our pants have a 3-tier perfect fit system so no need to worry about kneepad placement when ordering.

Extra Tip: Inseam length is very important, so be sure that you order the correct length when making a purchase. Don’t know what your inseam is? Take a pair of pants that fit you and measure from the crotch seam on the inside of your pants to bottom of the hem on the leg. 

 Do your pants have different fits?

Currently all of our pants have the same specifications for a roomy workman’s’ fit. If in the future a garment has a different fit it will be noted in the information section on the purchase page for that product.

 What is your warranty/repair policy?

All KneeGard products are built with high quality construction grade materials. Our fabrics and threads are strength tested, our zippers are premium Brass YKK, and the button and tack are rust proof brass and aluminum. Every product was hand inspected by a quality control expert. However if a problem does arise, please contact us with warranty or repair issues at bmartin@kneegard.com

The KneeGard Warranty protects buttons, zippers, velcro and stitching for up to 6 months. If any KneeGard product is found to be defective if can be returned for immediate repair or exchange. Rips, tears, and normal degradation around the knees is not covered by the warranty. 

 Do the pants come with kneepads?

One pair of knee pads is included at no charge. We have found that many people like to order multiple pairs of pants but don’t need to order multiple kneepads. Knee pads are interchangeable in all styles and sizes so one pair of pads can work for more then one pair of pants. 

 How do I install my Knee Pads into my pants?

Kneegard pants come with the only patented sure-fit kneepad system on the market. While the pads are easy to insert, we know everyone can use a little extra help. Each shipped pair of pants will come with an instruction sheet that describes how to install the pads. There is also a video on the website http://www.kneegard.com/Video_ep_42.html

 I want to carry Kneegard Products in my store, what do I do? 

If you are looking to get more information on how to get KneeGard products in your store, please contact us at bob@kneegard.com and we’ll start shipping you products ASAP